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Event Information

Registration Form and Deadlines

HOLD YOUR SPOT - To reserve your spot and pre-register for this competition complete the Hold Your Spot registration form online.

The official Registration Form and more information can be found on this website or by emailing if you have trouble downloading the form. Team Rosters are requested to be submitted in an excel format by email to  Rosters will also be accepted with the official registration form by fax to 317-891-8226 or mail to P.O. Box 29185, Indianapolis, IN  46229.  The completed form and total registration fees due must be received by January 16, 2015. Any fees received after this date will be accessed a $10.00 per gymnast late fee. A full refund will be given if cancelled in writing by January 23rd. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER JANUARY 23, 2015. 

Participation and Registration Fees

All USA Gymnastics athlete members are eligible to compete at the Once Upon A Time Gymnastics Invitational for individual and team titles. The following levels will be contested at these Championships:

Level 1 - 2 


Level 3 - 5




Level 6 - 10/Open


Team Entries



$7.00 per person per day

Children 5 and under Free

Competition Venue

Washington High School

2215 West Washington Street  

Indianapolis, IN 46222


Competition Dates and Times

2015 Competition Schedule - TBD

Day 1

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Competition Session Times


Day 2

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Competition Session Times


Competition Format

The 2015 Once Upon A Time Gymnastics Invitational will consist of a modified capitol cup format for all other levels.

MODIFIED CAPITOL CUP FORMAT - Two sets of apparatus in one gym and where the first four squads (Flight 1) have timed warm-ups and competition on one set of apparatus, while the second four squads (Flight 2) have timed warm-ups and competition on the other set of apparatus.   As soon as the squads in Flight 1 finish timed warm-ups on their first event and begin competition, the four squads in Flight 2 begin their timed warm-ups on their first event. Once Flight 1 completes competition on the first event, the judges move to the other set of apparatus to judge Flight 2. The two flights continue to alternate between warm-up and competition until all eight squads have completed all four events. 2)Since the timed warm-ups are conducted on the competition apparatus immediately preceding the competition on the event, 30-second touch warm-ups are not required.

Team Competition

Registration for the team competition is $50.00 per team per level as indicated on the Official Registration Form. Team rankings will be determined by the total of the top three (3) scores from each event for each team registered. There is no designation of team members unless clubs enter more than one team. Teams with more than 12 team members could be separated into different groups and start on different events and possibly be in different sessions. It will be necessary to provide a minimum of 2 coaches with team members over 12 members.  If placed in two different sessions the one team entry will be valid for both sessions.  No additional fee is necessary.


Event placement medals will be given for half of the age group up to 10 places and 100% All-Around and be recognized on the awards stand.   First place All-Around winners will receive a special AA award. 

Team awards will be awarded to 1st to 3rd place teams for all sessions and all levels.

Miscellaneous Competition Details

A. All current rules of USA Gymnastics J.O. Program and Xcel Program will be used for all USAG levels of competition. 

B. Floor Exercise Music: CDs, MP3 and ipods/ipads will be accepted for this competition. Coaches are responsible for bringing their gymnast's music cued to the designated music table in competition order. The coach is responsible for giving the Music Coordinator the start cue. All Floor Exercise music must be clearly marked with the Athlete's first name, last name and team name.

For any questions regarding this competition contact Linda Barclay, Competition Director by calling 317.891.8260 or by email to